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Etudes - a creative photo studio making emotional photography communicate a story. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean imperdiet imperdiet urna, eget porttitor tellus. Nullam lobortis suscipit orci vitae pharetra. Sed luctus a nisl non blandit. Mauris laoreet aliquet lacus vitae luctus. Integer rhoncus orci vitae nibh commodo, vel bibendum odio tincidunt. Donec vitae lectus ac felis tincidunt pellentesque. Nullam volutpat rutrum nisl ac fringilla. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

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If You Had A  Microphone Listening To Us You'd Bust. We are DYING!!! And we aren't even half way done! We'd all gone to bed, in Seattle, when we got your email. We opened it up, previewed about five pics, and literally called our daughter on her phone to come downstairs. We're all three on our iPads, grunting, sighing, gasping... Well done you.

«Thank you Krista Brenner for your professionalism and kindness. This is something we have been wanting for a long time and you were the perfect person for our family. You made us feel comfortable and helped make our son laugh. Now we will always remember this beautiful evening with your amazing photos.»

«It took one gorgeous evening, a photographer who made us feel so comfortable and provided a sacred space around us where all of a sudden we felt alone. Kits nerves melted right away and my dear friend and amazing photographer Krista captured what will forever be one of our most amazing photos currently hanging on our walls. Thank you for all your magic Krista!»

«Working with Krista was amazing start to finish. Krista sent a digital welcome packet detailing everything we would need for the photo shoot including inspiration for locations and what to wear. We wanted to do an outdoor beach photo shoot which can be challenging given the sporadic weather in Northern California. She worked with us to find the perfect day when the weather would be ideal for photographing our family including our newborn son. We spent time shooting in a couple locations for diversity of background. She had many creative ideas and perspectives which created a great variety of photos to choose from. We ended up buying all because we love them so much! We will definitely work with Krista again!»

«The photo shoot with Krista was a wonderful experience for our whole family. My six-year-old twin daughters were delighted by her sense of humor and warmth. Because she encouraged us to relax and have fun, the photos are natural and radiant. She captured the spirit of our family at its best- loving, silly, and joyful. The amazing photos are all over the walls of our home and we treasure them.»